Who are the workshop facilitators?


In June 2008 the Constellation Workshops team (COWO) officially formed and started running monthly workshops at St James’ in Piccadilly. 
Through the many changes there have been over the years, we have continued to offer workshops, with accessibility and inclusivity remaining as our guiding principles.
Our first team consisted of Janet, Lynn, Paul and John Whittington, who left after a few years to pursue his organisational and coaching work.  Emerson Bastos then joined us and three years ago Lynn left the London team to concentrate on her systemic work in Salisbury. As rental prices rose in central London we moved to a new home based in Islington. Last Year Emerson left us to concentrate on his international work with 5 Elements constellations and his psychotherapy practice.
This last year has been particularly full of change, both in the world at large and within COWO. Polly Pring and Patrizia Amanati joined us in Autumn 2019 and, in the Spring 2020, because of Coronavirus we transferred our workshops online to the zoom platform.

In June 2020 we are delighted to welcome Stuart Taylor to join the COWO Team.

Co-Founder and Trainer / Facilitator (London)

Janet Hermann

Janet has a background in Adult Education. Initially she worked , mainly with refugees, as an ESOL tutor and project co-ordinator. Later, for over twenty years, she worked as a counsellor, counsellor trainer and supervisor. Now retired, as well as monthly constellation workshops, she enjoys time with her family, friends, dog and ‘cello. Janet is a co-founder of constellation workshops. The co-founders of Constellation Workshops initially trained together in this work from 2005-2007 and have continued training over the years with various international practitioners. The Team started running monthly workshops in 2007 and since then their work has been expanding and developing in many ways at home and abroad.

Co-Founder and Trainer / Facilitator (Salisbury)

Lynn Stoney

Lynn has a background as a teacher in both mainstream and special education schools.She is a co-founder of Constellation Workshops and has worked with the London team for many years before basing her work in Salisbury where she lives. She is an experienced systemic practitioner, facilitator, supervisor and trainer.  She is able to impart the underpinning principles of this deep and powerful approach with clarity, insight and sensitivity, and to support trainees to apply these in working practice and in daily life.  Lynn has worked with groups and with individuals across a wide range of applications of this method for many years. This breadth and depth of experience brings great richness to her trainings. 

Co-Founder and Facilitator (London / Salisbury)

Paul Stoney

Paul has a background in Information Technology, pastoral counselling and coaching and is also a co-founder of constellation workshops together with Janet and Lynn (who continues to practice as a systemic practitioner and trainer primarily in Salisbury where they live). Paul and Lynn have four children and eight grand-children. Over the years Paul has been called upon to support workshops and international conferences with his contemplative piano arrangements. Since July 2019 Paul has been the chair of the International Systemic Constellation Association (ISCA) regularly hosting international online meetings and is currently organising ISCA’s gathering in Mexico in April 2021.

Facilitator (London)

Polly Pring

Polly joined CoWo after 12 years of support and involvement and brings to the team a wealth of knowledge and experience of working with seasonal cycles, wild flora and fauna and the human ancestors of the land. Having trained with Janet, Paul, and Lynn at the Hellinger Institute of Britain in 2005, Polly has since been part of an ongoing peer supervision group based in the Southwest. She has attended training workshops and courses in the UK and abroad, including work with Bert Hellinger and Daan Van Kampenhout.
From her careers in both theatre and education Polly has developed a unique shamanic approach to systemic constellation work. She runs workshops that combine constellations with creative expression through art journalling and other techniques with land ceremony.
Polly offers 1:1 consultations and you can contact her directly on pollypring@gmail.com

Facilitator (London)

Patrizia Amanati

Patrizia is delighted to have joined the Constellations Workshop team in Autumn 2019 and brings with her an organisational background with over 25 years’ experience of business at senior and leadership level. She has lived and worked internationally, is fluent in three languages and brings a breadth of knowledge and understanding into to her work with individuals, teams and whole organisations.
She has extensive training in both organisational and family constellation work and recognises that organisational issues can often be traced back to patterns and loyalties that have their origin in the family system. Patrizia has an MSC in Coaching and Behavioural Change (Henley Business School) and creatively integrates systemic work with a wide range of coaching approaches.

Patrizia offers 1:1 consultations and you can contact her directly on patrizia@pincconsulting.com

Facilitator /Trainer (London)

Stuart Taylor

Stuart joins Constellation Workshops in Summer 2020. Following COWO’s role in organising the Colonialism and its Aftermath workshop weekend in Bristol in Autumn 2018 Stuart was invited to  collaborate with Janet, Lynn, Paul and others in a group exploring decolonisation issues which has become known as DECOL.hub/London. Their work explores racism and colonialism’s impact in the present and is specifically concerned to introduce a decolonial perspective in Constellations work and trainings, aiming to facilitate greater cultural diversity in the profession.  Stuart has pursued a kaleidoscopic career as an environmental and civil rights activist, cultural researcher, systemic consultant, Aikido sensei, wellbeing & resilience innovator and published writer. His passion for constellation work was sparked by Judith Hemming in the early 2000s and he trained in Systemic Constellations through COLPI with The Whole Partnership in 2017. Stuart offers 1:1 consultations, you can contact him directly on taylorman1963@gmail.com