We are committed to inclusivity and creating a low cost gateway to the work of systemic constellations from which we have all benefitted personally .

We experience this resourcing work as strengthening connections between everyone and everything and believe it has a harmonising effect on the wider society and the environment.

All members of the team have completed trainings with  the Hellinger Institute of Great Britain and / or its successor, The Centre for Systemic Constellations and have subsequently taken part in a variety of international trainings for constellation facilitators.

Until the coronavirus crisis is over, we are pleased to be able to offer workshops through the zoom platform. If you are not familiar with zoom we can send you instructions on how you set it up and join a workshop. You will need a computer which has a microphone and camera, or an ipad.

We know that many people’s finances have been adversely affected by Covid , so rather than ask for our usual fee ( £80 for issue holders and £40 for those who want to come as witnesses and representatives), we ask you to make a donation appropriate to your circumstances.

For details of workshops and fees please see the “When” section.